Disney Baby Annoucement

We found out we were expecting in October 2016, about a month after booking and planning our December Disney trip.

We had unfortunately suffered a miscarriage 6 months prior so we waiting a little longer at announce this little one.

We knew a Disney announcement would be the perfect way to let others know another Greer would soon be here!

We thought about a video, since we had made one to announce my pregnancy with Anna Kate, but we didn’t want to spend all of our time capturing video since this was a shorter trip.

Finally, Jordan came up with the idea of a “big sister” hat!

After taking Anna Kate to see Mickey, I stopped buy to purchase her hat. I was so excited when I filled out the embroidery order and getting to write “big sister”.

When I paid for the hat the cast member told me I didn’t have to pay for the embroidery. It literally brought tears to my eyes. How sweet! Can I just say that I LOVE Disney and their customer service! They really do go above and beyond.

Anyway, we didn’t bring our DSLR so we decided to just go with an iPhone photo.

I’m happy with the way it turned out!

Did you have a Disney baby announcement? How did you decide to do it?